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Products are offered through support years.
A support year offers you all improvements and extra features during that year.
Products will continue to work after your support year(s).
Discounts are offered depending on the years of support and the amount of products you buy.

1 year of support €299 (Full license + 1 year free upgrades)
2 years of support €399 (Full license + 2 years free upgrades + €50 discount on WacoPlants models)
3 years of support €499 (Full license + 3 years free upgrades + €100 discount on WacoPlants models)

Upgrade with 1 additional year of support for €99.

A support plan automatically includes a full software license.

All products include unlimited rendernode licenses at no extra charge.

5+ licenses 10% discount
10+ licenses 20% discount
20+ licenses 30% discount

All products are licensed through the MDO license server.
You can install products on as many workstations as you need and can request a license from the MDO license server for as many as your license covers.
You only need an internet connection for downloading products (or upgrades) and to activate or deactivate a workstation.



You can buy a pre-sales license for €99. Your support years of choice is not active as long as pre-sales is ongoing. After final release, you choose a support plan. After final purchase, your support plan date is set (not when you bought your pre-sales license). You will get a discount of €99 on your final purchase to turn your pre-sales license into a final license.