WACOPLANTS (part of the MDO Plants product)

The WacoPlants plugin from the MDO Plants product offers advanced yet easy to use features for all kinds of organical models like grass, flowers, plants and trees.
Nature forces like gravity and advanced realistic wind can improve animations dramatically.
Advanced wind animation will instantly render in your render engine making it possible to easily animate millions of plants and trees blowing in the wind.
All features delivered right out of the box.
WacoPlants are not static models but software models always in development to improve and add different features.

The WacoPlants plugin contains a basic set of 20 different WacoPlants species.
More WacoPlants library sets are available for sale later on.

WacoPlants works with a render engine of choice and is "not" restricted to a specific render engine.


  • Advanced realistic wind
  • Gravity
  • Different seeds
  • Customize shape
  • Customize density and position of branches, twigs and leaves
  • Features on demand


NOTE: Presentation movies will be available soon.


WacoPlants Pinus Pinaster wind animation:


More examples will be posted soon.
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